Shoulder Boulder Thursday September 3, 2015

Military press 45 warmup 3×8 60,75,65

Barbell upright rows 3×8 90

Side raises 3×15 20 drop 12

Rear pec deck 3×15 145 drop 80

Skull krusher 3×12 65

Tri kickback 3×15 20

Tri rope extension 3×12 50

Tri extension machine 3×12 140 drop 120

Cable crunches 3×12 70

Incline Leg Raises 3×12

Leg raises weighted 3×12 20

Hit it hard today, but I wasn’t feeling entirely energized. For some reason Chad and I were able to pull through with solid form and pump out solid reps. Chad hit the skull crusher EZ curl bar with a 25 on each side totaling 85 lb with 3×8 clean reps no assist. I maxed out in the middle of the second military dumbbell press set at 75 lbs which is a PR for your boy! Let’s rage tonight Waka Flocka is in town and crushing  a Kappa Sig pregame then performing at Coliseum.


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